The Difference

What separates us from the competition…

Client Meetings

Of course we will meet with you to discuss your Plan Goals and offer recommendations to improve your Plan.

Work with HR Dept.

Understand a change in the Plan, it probably impacts HR most. We work with this department to ensure smooth transition.

Revenue Sharing

Recordkeepers usually provide revenue sharing. We take all or a portion to offset Plan Fees. Check if your current TPA does…

Deposit Processing

If requested, we can process 401k payroll contributions. We work directly with the payroll provider to limit client involvement and provide seamless service.

Not a Salesperson

Other firms have salesman sell you a Plan and you never hear from them again. You can contact me at anytime with Plan Questions.

Plan Distributions

If you have terminated employees still on the Plan with less than $5,000 they can be forced out. That’s what we do!

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